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Marc Yamashita

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Do Want [02 Nov 2009|07:49am]
Ok. I totally don't need this. I have the full range of Privateer P3 paints and several supplemental paints from various other ranges. I have brushes and basing material. But damn. This is hot.

Citadel Mega Paint Set

As unbelievable as it may be, this is actually a good deal from Games Workshop! The paints alone would cost more than this at retail, and it comes with brushes, basing material and a case.

Do Want.

*Just did the math. This would normally cost $415.95 (or $403.56 pro-rating for the reduced quantities of the basing materials)  before tax and shipping. Even taking into account GWs rather inflated prices, this is an incredible deal at $247.50
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Nissan GTR vs. Reality [20 Apr 2009|08:56am]
The car I currently lust for:

The reason:

My friend Kanke brought this guy back from Japan for me.

If only I could drive stick and had 80 grand to burn.
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Britney Spears Broke My Computer [29 Jan 2009|10:38am]
[ mood | amused ]

So I read this comic the other day and was all like WTF? I am familiar with the song, but not the imagery, so I figured it was probably from the music video.

When I got home from work I youtubed it. After being suitably scandalized by the wonderfully gratuitous nature of said video, I stepped away from the computer for a bit.

When I returned, I faced a blue screen of death. Upon rebooting I was greeted by the ever-so-welcome message "Failed to load OS."

It's Britney, bitch.

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[21 Jan 2009|08:28am]
I've been listening to 102.7 lately because they tend to play songs that sound good on Angela's stereo. Say what you will about Britney Spears - "Circus" bumps. Yeah. Ya heard.

The most delightful find though, has been Ne-Yo's "Miss Independent." Now, I could launch into a discussion about how this song is a sociological response to the evolving role of women in hip-hop, but my appreciation doesn't run quite that deep.

"Miss Independent," like many songs, serves primarily to communicate the virtues of the singer's love interest, extolling her various qualities along with hyperbole explaining how and why these features are exciting.

In Ne-Yo's estimation, "Miss Independent" is desirable because she pays all her bills on time and never demands money from others to pay for the things she wants and needs.

This, to me, is awesome.
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FANTASY MUSIC!!! [02 Jan 2009|04:55pm]
via arcanafex

Chris Dane Owens - Shine

Love Has Enemies...
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Dead Tranny [02 Jan 2009|02:59pm]
[ mood | irritated ]

My car has a dead tranny in it, and it's not even in the trunk. Damnit. If only Angela could have held on another couple of months... Bonus + Tax Return + Stimulus... I could have gotten a new car. Pfeh... maybe I still will. I am NOT looking forward to dealing with her this weekend.

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HALP [24 Dec 2008|06:31am]
I'm going to be spending xmas-eve w/the Golden God's fam. Need some last-minute gift ideas for:

  • Old Guy, into surfing, skating, film. Kind of a dirty old man, but in a loveable way.

  • 40ish Gal, producer, mother of three.

  • 19 y/o girl

  • 15 y/o girl

  • 12 y/o girl

Recommendations for books, music or tchotchkes appreciated! Thanks.
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Painter or Gamer [21 Nov 2008|08:12am]
Back in the day, I was content to glue together a model, prime it, paint it and seal it, then get it on the gaming table and go to town. Four easy steps.

These days, I'm a LOT more anal about my nerd-hobby.

Here's the most recent example. I'm gearing up to paint the Katrina Variant of Vladimir, Dark Prince of Umbrey this weekend. The model comes in three pieces, body, right arm and cape. Here's the process I'm following:

  1. File off all flash and mold-lines.

  2. Scrub pieces with a toothbrush and dish-soap to remove mold grease.

  3. Drill pin-holes in arm and shoulder joint.

  4. Glue body to base, glue pin into arm, glue textured sand to base.

  5. Prime body, arm and cape.

  6. Paint body, except for right shoulder socket.

  7. Paint sword and forearm of arm.

  8. Attach arm to body.

  9. Paint upper arm and shoulder socket.

  10. Paint underside of cape.

  11. Attach cape.

  12. Sculpt green-stuff modelling putty into the gap between the cape and the body to fill in detail of where the cape meets the shoulders.

  13. Paint topside of cape.

  14. Paint sand on base.

  15. Apply static grass, snow, leaves and whatever other flair to base.

  16. Seal model with matte varnish.

  17. Play WARMACHINE with finished model.

This doesn't even begin to go into the details of the actual painting process.

All this for one model.

Yes, I'm a huge nerd. AND YOU KNOW THIS!
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Kromac the Ravenous [17 Nov 2008|03:29pm]
Latest Painting EndeavorCollapse )

OK, so the cut-tag isn't entirely true. I was up until 7:30AM Sunday morning finishing a squad of Assault Kommandos. Maybe I'll post some pics of them in the near future...
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Confirmation Numbers are Stupid [12 Nov 2008|09:48am]
I can appreciate the value of a confirmation number as pertains to identifying a pending transaction. However, I do not understand why anyone would want or need a confirmation number for a transaction that has already taken place and for which a documented record of said transaction is readily available.

Asking for a confirmation number in a situation like this is akin to asking UPS for a tracking number after the package has been delivered to your doorstep. You have the package. You can see it, hold it, verify its existence and the fact that it has been delivered. A tracking number is utterly irrelevant at this point. You can rely on the ACTUAL confirmation of the package being in your possession.

Despite this, I am constantly asked to provide confirm numbers for completed transactions even after I explain where ACTUAL confirmation can be found.

People are idiots.
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Deicide [11 Nov 2008|07:22am]
Last night the Golden God and I ventured to the LGS and played a game of Warmachine to stay sharp, since we were both out of town on our usual game night.

Khador vs. CryxCollapse )

And so it was that I FINALLY got a victory against the Golden God and broke his 15 game winning streak. Booyah.
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English Grammar Question [28 Oct 2008|07:56am]
Paraphrased from a work-related document:

"A gamer named Marc who has never played GURPS because he never read the rules now wishes to do so."

Grammatically speaking, what is Marc wishing to do at this time? Play GURPS or read the rules? I realize the sentence above lacks appropriate punctuation, which might help in deciphering the meaning, but this is how the sentence was structured in the work doc.

My interpretationCollapse )
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October in Your Face: Steamroller Tourney [21 Oct 2008|09:13am]
My LGS hosted a Steamroller tournament for Warmachine/Hordes on Sunday October 19th. This time, the Golden God sacked up to join in the carnage, but once again the other regulars in our little group got sand in their genitalia and punked out.

Thus, there were only four participants in the tourney, meaning that 3 of us would be going home with prizes. Woohoo! Among us were:

Battle ReportsCollapse )
When all was said and done, Parker won 1st place, I took 2nd (on VPs) and the Golden God took 3rd. Good times!
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Yep, That's About Right [09 Oct 2008|01:07pm]

via Consumerist
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For the Motherland [30 Sep 2008|05:28pm]
Stuff I've Been PaintingCollapse )
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WarMachine Legends: Legacies Tournament [16 Sep 2008|07:05am]
Sunday, September 14th, Game Empire hosted a WarMachine Legends release tournament. I was the only person in my regular play group with the stones to compete. Here's the report:

Game 1: Jeremiah Kraye vs. Zevanna AghaCollapse )
Game One: Win
Game 2: Lt. Allister Caine vs. Zevanna AghaCollapse )
Game 2: Loss
Game 3: Vladimir Tzepesci, Dark Champion vs. Vladimir Tzepesci, Dark ChampionCollapse )
Game 3: Win
Game 4: High Examplar Kreoss vs. Vladimir Tzepesci, Dark Champion.Collapse )
Game 4: Win

So, 3 Wins, 1 (stupid) Loss, and no medals. Competition was pretty tight for the various tourney awards, so I don't feel bad about not winning any medals, but I'll tell you this: I'll never forget how Greylords' spells work again!
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No Quarter [08 Sep 2008|06:50am]
I played two games of Warmachine this Sunday, both of which were quite enjoyable.

The first was against my friend Bryn, a recent convert to the hobby. Bryn was a 40k player for many years, and was very hesitant to get into Warmachine. He had been burned bad by Warhammer, and was leery of miniature gaming in general. After much peer pressure, he finally relented and has started up a Cygnar army. We played a 350 point skirmish with the victory condition being 'caster kill.

The Gory DetailsCollapse )

Next I played Clint, who was using Bartolo Montador in the Talion Charter. Clint's a canny player who has beaten me many times, so I was out for blood.

Pirates and PrincesCollapse )

This was a very satisfying victory and a great debut for the Drakhun!
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Man-o-War Drakhun [05 Sep 2008|03:18pm]
Pictures of my latest painting endeavorCollapse )
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FFF [28 Aug 2008|07:13am]
Transformers 2 comes out next summer, but right now, I'm honestly more excited about this.
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The Greatest Sentence Ever Written in the English Language [25 Aug 2008|08:49am]
[ mood | awed ]

As far as I have been able to discern, the author of this sentence speaks English as his/her primary language.

"Then we the person the resident called for knew he found them out the person tried to bribe him with $20."

I cannot fathom how someone can write something like the above. I understand that spelling and grammatical errors happen due to laziness and/or ignorance. I understand that sentence structure can be tricky if you are not fluent with the language. I understand that learning disabilities can make writing difficult.

But, good lord.

I can formulate no comprehensible explanation for quoted sentence. It defies deconstruction and transcends logic.

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